Fertilaid Reviews – Best Natural Fertility Supplements for You?

Fertilaid Reviews – Best Natural Fertility Supplements for You?

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You may be reading this Fertilaid Reviews article because you’ve heard about this wonder fertility pill that reportedly has helped tens of thousands of couples become pregnant. Is it too good to be true? All I can say is that it worked for my husband and me. Multiple times. We were TTC in our mid-to-late 30’s and worried about possibly having fertility problems. I even had my prescription ready for the fertility drug Clomid, if all else failed. After obsessively searching for reviews of the best natural fertility supplements out there, we started taking Fertilaid for Women and Men. It was our last-ditch effort.

Long story short: I got pregnant. In a matter of weeks! After our initial success, we kept using Fertilaid to grow our family and had three babies using it.

But… How does it work? Is it the best of the available natural fertility supplements on the market right now? This fertility vitamin is becoming more and more popular, but will Fertilaid work for you

In this Fertilaid reviews article, you will learn:

  • What is Fertilaid? / Does it work? / Is it safe?
  • The pros AND cons – what are real consumers saying?
  • What is the best way to use Fertilaid?

What is Fertilaid?

Fertilaid for Women and Fertilaid for Men are “doctor-approved, ObGyn recommended” fertility supplements designed to improve reproductive health and maximize a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. 

Fertilaid Reviews - Best Natural Fertility Supplements for Men and Women

These products are the flagship products in a whole suite of fertility supplements and products made by Fairhaven Health company. They are the creation of top fertility expert Dr. Amos Grunebaum, a huge name in the fertility and pregnancy community. Amongst his other credentials, Dr. Grunebaum is the Director of Obstetrics and Chief of Labor & Delivery at the NewYork-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, and the Director of the WebMD Infertility and Reproduction Health Center

Fertilaid has been used successfully by tens of thousands of couples trying to get pregnant, including by:
  • Couples who want to get pregnant naturally;
  • Couples who want to maximize their chances of getting pregnant quickly;
  • Couples who have been trying to conceive for more than 6 months;
  • Couples who are TTC over the age of 35; and
  • Couples who are considering or have already tried Clomid, IUI, IVF and other medical fertility drugs and treatments
Fertilaid for Women has been credited for countless women’s successful pregnancies, including:
  • Women who have PCOS;
  • Women who have irregular menstrual cycles or trouble ovulating;
  • Women with endometriosis;
  • Women trying to get pregnant over 40; and
  • Women who have had a tubal ligation reversal
Fertilaid for Men has been used successfully by thousands of men desiring to get their partners pregnant, as well, including:
  • Men with low sperm count;
  • Men with poor sperm motility;
  • Men with varicoceles; and
  • Men who have had a vasectomy reversal

Does Fertilaid Work?

Yes. The company which manufactures Fertilaid (Fairhaven Health) has truckloads of positive testimonials from tens of thousands of happy customers who have gotten pregnant with the assistance of Fertilaid.

Fertilaid Reviews by Real Customers – See What Others are Saying About the Product

“Before Fertilaid I had been trying to conceive for 19 months with no success. (I am 28 and my husband is 29) I had not even ovulated in a whole year! I started my Fertilaid regiment on February 19th 2010. I was taking the Fertilaid capsule along with Fertilaid CM, and Fertilaid tea. On March 22nd 2010, I had my first positive ovulation test. We welcomed a healthy 7lb, 8oz baby boy to our family on December 8th 2010. We know he would not be in our lives if it weren’t for Fertilaid!”

“I started using fertiaid after diagnosis of infertility of unknown course, i tried your product for less than three months and conceived.I am now thirty weeks pregnant, due date march 24 2011, I recomented your product for many people that have problem of inferility.I AM VERY HAPPY , can’t wait to see my baby in next nine weeks.I am 38 years old. thanks to manufacturer of fertilaid.”

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“Helped Us – August 13, 2015. My hubby has low sperm count and motility. We did two rounds of iui with no luck. The first month he used fertilaid and we did iui i fell pregnant. His sperm count and motily had qua droupled. We used fertilaid again and iui for our second child worked first time again. Drs said paobably would work without iui but we wanted another child right away and didnt want to eait if by chance it disnt. My friend now has used fertilaid while they were ttc with 3 failed iui…the first one with fertilad they fell pregnant too…thanks for my two miracles. At this point no more babies lol”

Is Fertilaid Safe to Use?

Fertilaid is the #1 fertility supplement for good reason. It is a comprehensive formula which works to balance reproductive hormones naturally.

It is “all natural,” and contains no artificial dyes, colors, or preservatives. And, according to its manufacturer, Fairhaven Health, Fertilaid has NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS.

Fertilaid was designed by one of the most pre-eminent doctors in fertility and reproductive health today, Dr. Amos Grunebaum. It is manufactured at a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations are set by the US Food and Drug Administration) certified facility in the United States.

Its women’s formula, Fertilaid for Women, contains all the key vitamins and minerals of a prenatal vitamin – including the rights dosage of folic acid – thereby eliminating the need to buy an additional prenatal supplement while trying to conceive.

Fertilaid comes with a guarantee for quality and potency.

Fertilaid for Women

The company recently conducted a self-reported, opt-in survey of 800 female customers to find out what their results were with Fertilaid for Women. Here are some of those results (keep in mind that this was a self-reported survey, so it might be skewed toward the “happy camper” set):

  • Half of participants had been trying to conceive for 12+ months before trying Fertilaid
  • More than half of participants had been diagnosed by their physician with an illness that impacts fertility, like: endometriosis, PCOS, and unexplained infertility
  • 3 out of 4 participants believe that taking Fertilaid Women had a positive impact on their fertility
  • Over 50% of participants got pregnant while taking Fertilaid Women

What’s in it? – Fertilaid for Women Ingredients:

fertilaid women ingredients

Fertilaid for Men

Fertilaid for Men

Fertilaid for Men

In 2006, Fertilaid conducted a “gold standard” clinical study of men who started taking Fertilaid for Men who had suffered previously from:

  • low sperm count,
  • low motility, or
  • abnormally-shaped sperm.

The study showed “statistically significant improvements” in sperm count, health, movement, and function for men who took the supplement over three months.

What’s in it? – Fertilaid for Men Ingredients:

fertilaid men ingredients

Will Fertilaid Work for Me?

Not necessarily. Fertilaid is designed to improve your chances of conception by getting your body into tip-top reproductive shape. Of course, there is no way of knowing whether or not Fertilaid actually will help YOU or your partner get pregnant. It should give you a much better chance, though.

Is Fertilaid FDA-Approved?

Nope. But neither is anybody else’s fertility supplement.

The FDA does not approve supplements at all. Period.

It only approves “drugs”  intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease.  

Fertilaid facilities are regulated by the FDA, however, and certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Are There Any Clinical Studies Backing Up Fertilaid’s Claims?


Fertilaid products are backed up by an impressively huge roster of scientific studies – as in over 40 randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind tests. (You can check them out here.)

What I Like About Fertilaid

Fertilaid Reviews

I friggin’ LOVE Fertilaid!!!

Here are some of the most common reasons people give for why they love Fertilaid:

  • It works if you’re trying to get pregnant for the first time.
  • It works if you’re TTC for the second (or third, or fourth, or…) time.
  • It works if you’re been trying to get pregnant but having problems.
  • It works if you have female reproductive challenges, like PCOS, endometriosis, irregular menstrual cycles, or trouble ovulating.
  • It works if you’ve just gotten off birth control or have had a tubal ligation reversal.
  • It works if you have male reproductive challenges, like low sperm count, poor sperm motility, abnormally-shaped sperm and varicoceles.
  • It works if you’ve had a reverse vasectomy.
  • It freakin’ WORKS!!

Here are a few more reasons to like it:

  • It’s pretty inexpensive – especially if you compare it to prescription fertility drugs.
  • The capsules are soft and don’t have an aftertaste (once it goes down, you won’t have any nasty burps coming back up).
  • It has plenty of folic acid so you won’t need to pair it up with a prenatal pill.
  • It is easy to order and the company has a decent return policy for unopened bottles.

What I Don’t Like About Fertilaid

Grumpy Cat

Do I LOOK Happy?!

Here are a few of the most common complaints about Fertilaid:

  • You have to take 3 capsules a day. Every day.
  • One bottle is only enough to last you one month (Although this may be all you need to get pregnant, the company recommends that you buy 3-months’ worth of vitamins to be on the safe side).
  • You may need to space apart your Fertilaid dosage (for example, take one pill at breakfast, then lunch, then dinner) OR be sure to take your pills with food and water to avoid feeling slightly queasy.

How Long Will I Need to Take Fertilaid to Get the Best Effects?

Fertilaid for Men and Women Reviews - Best Natural Fertility Supplements

Fertilaid for Men and Women Reviews – Best Natural Fertility Supplements

The Fairhaven Health company recommends that couples who are trying to conceive should take Fertilaid for a minimum of three months, to get the full benefits.

I know, I know… Sounds like they’re just trying to sell more pills.

But, given that it can take up to three months to improve a woman’s egg quality and to develop a man’s supply of new, healthy sperm, the 3-month rule kinda makes sense.

That said, many couples have successfully conceived after only taking Fertilaid products for less than two months.   

In my case, my husband and I found out we were expecting within just a few weeks of taking:

  • (For Me) Fertilaid for Women, OvaBoost, FertileCM, and FertiliTea;
  • (For Him) Fertilaid for Men, CountBoost, and MotilityBoost; and
  • (For Both of Us) FertileDetox

How Much Does Fertilaid Cost?

Fertilaid costs a little less than $1.00 a day for a 30-day supply of 90 pills (you take 3 Fertilaid pills a day).

You can get some pretty nice discounts if you buy in bulk (a 3-month supply will run you about $.85 a pill, vs. $1.00 a pill, for example). There are often special deals and coupons applied, too.

fertilaid value

All told, the cost per day of taking Fertilaid is about 1/3rd of the cost of a McDonald’s Happy Meal, so I think you could call it pretty affordable.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Fertilaid?

By now, this Fertilaid Reviews article has provided you with all the information you will need to make an educated buying decision. But you may still be wondering: where is the best place to buy Fertilaid?

There are two best choices here. The rest don’t come close.

1. Fairhaven Health (the merchant’s website) 


Only through the merchant website will you:

  • Be able to take advantage of special deals for buying more than one product or in bulk.
  • Have access to the FULL line of fertility products offered by Fertilaid and Fairhaven Health.

The merchant site also offers free shipping for this product, including free priority mail shipping on orders over $80.

The merchant also accepts returns on unopened goods within 30 days, but you will incur a 10% restocking fee.

To sum up, the merchant site can be significantly cheaper with numerous discounts and has more variety.


2. Amazon.com (but ONLY if you have an AMAZON PRIME membership)


Amazon.com has FAR less variety, when it comes to sheer number of Fertilaid/Fairhaven Health fertility products.

However, you can find all the basic Fertilaid products you would need (like Fertilaid for Women, Fertilaid for Men, FertiliTea, MotilityBoost for Men, CountBoost for Men, FertileCM for Fertile Cervical Mucus, Myo-Inositol for PCOS, OvaBoost for Egg Quality, FertileDetox, and OvaCue Monitor) available on Amazon Prime.

That means that:

  • You can take advantage of Prime 2-day shipping (or 2-hour shipping in some metro areas).
  • Also, your purchase is “fulfilled by Amazon.” This definitely has its perks, as it is a very customer-friendly process. You can return even opened packages for a good reason. Sometimes you still will have to pay a shipping fee, but usually not if you’re returning the purchase for good cause (as opposed to a “whoops, I just changed my mind” return).

To sum up, if you are an Amazon PRIME member, you can buy most of the basic Fertilaid products you would want or need on Amazon.com, get your order blazingly fast, AND get more consumer protection should you ever want to make a return.


Final Verdict on Fertilaid

Fertilaid Reviews

So, could Fertilaid for Women and Men be the best natural fertility supplements for you?

There’s only one way to find out: TRY IT.

If want to get pregnant as soon as possible, you owe it to yourself to give Fertilaid a shot.

It helped my husband and me get pregnant three times. It has helped tens of thousands of other couples just like you to get pregnant.

Could Fertilaid help you, too?

Try it and see. With any luck, you could look like that so-happy-I’m-pregnant-it-hurts woman in the picture above.


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